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Differential Geometry

Differential Geometry Day –

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Dynamic modelling of robots with rigid links (I)

Defining the dynamic model The conventional robotics equation describing the inner forces (1) of a kinematic chain of rigid forces in the absence of external forces can be obtained by employing any established algorithm, e.g. Newton-Euler iterative method or the

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Why perform sensorless teleoperation. An industrial robot approach for remote handling in radioactive facilities.

The radioactive environments can be significantly different from each other depending on the dose rate emitted and with them the requirements of the manipulators or robots used within them. In order to cope with the less demanding doses, it is

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Radiation tolerance of robotics & telerobotics systems

In this post, a review of the main effects due to the radiation on telerobotics systems is performed in order to justify the approach I took during my research  and clarify the issues found. Due to the radiation levels in most

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Teleoperating an ABB IRB 2400-16 (II)

Delay issues found during the RS422 serial communication and RAPID program execution Different programming and communication techniques were tested under the development of the optimum teleoperation control. Some of them have already been explained before, and some others related with

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Teleoperating an ABB IRB 2400-16 (I)

With the objective of testing my kinematics algorithms, an experimental setup was planned and commissioned. This setup was based on a bilateral control with dissimilar master and slave. The master used was the Phantom OMNI, manufactured by Sensable. It is worth

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