Who am I?

Areas of interest: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Control Engineering and Mechatronics.


I am a Marie Curie PhD in Automation and Robotics, and Industrial Engineer graduated into the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. I have an experience of more than 12 years in the Robotics Industry and Academia, being involved in the complete spectrum of technologies and acquiring experience in companies of all sizes and cultures. I am currently leading the Haptics and Dexterity Team in Ocado Technology (UK).

Academic qualifications

PhD studies in Automation and Robotics in the “Universidad Politécnica de Madrid”, 2011-2015, supervisor: Prof. Manuel Ferre and Dr. Robin Scott. Thesis title: “Proprioceptive force estimation and control for teleoperation in radioactive environments”.

MSc in Industrial Engineering specialized in Robotics, Electronics and Control in the ETSII at “Universidad Politécnica de Madrid”, obtaining the title of M.Sc. Industrial Engineer.

Master Thesis title: Mapping and localisation algorithms for robots in 3D outdoors environments”.

Work and Research experience

Oct 2021 – Nowadays

Engineering Team Leader at OCADO Technology UK. Haptics and Dexterity Team.

Oct 2019 -Sept 2021

Robotics Research Engineer at OCADO Technology UK.

Helping the robots to manipulate everyday items.

May 2018-Oct 2019
Head of Control, ZOA Robotics Ltd, London, United Kingdom.

Overall responsibility of leading the Control System developments of ZOA Robotics. An extract
of the tasks I perform at ZOA is: Design and implementation of algorithms for Embedded
Electronics, design and implementation of High-Level Control Algorithms, lead the company
R&D, contribute to the mechanical design, collaborate to manage the company strategy and help
building a great team.
Within the technical areas, I have performed the following activities: design of the low-level
control and program on embedded C, algorithms for
motor control, signal processing, sensor
IMU processing, complex kinematics and dynamic balancing. Continuous interaction
with hardware and electromechanical components. I developed a
force estimator based on State
Observers, a
Kalman filter for motor speed estimation and a dynamic model of the robot legs.
Currently I am developing
computer vision algorithms for understanding the image coming
from a stereoscopic camera with the objective of climbing stairs. This is being developed in
Python. I also contributed to the mechanical design of our quadruped robot by designing body parts,
checking drawings, contributing to the concept design, etc.

June 2014-May 2018

Mechatronics Engineer, Oxford Technologies Ltd, Abingdon, United Kingdom.

I provided my expertise in a broad variety of electromechanical systems. I perform my activity in very diverse areas such as: mechanical design, drawing for manufacturing, motor control, robotics, etc. I also provided my extensive expertise in teleoperation and robotics inside of the remote handling projects of the company.

During this period, I have improved my electromechanical skills as well as my 3D design competences.

  • Study of the DAQ and transmission over fieldbus of sensor’s measurements for ITER.
  • Leading design and testing of a motor test bench for evaluating the control performance of actuators driven by long cables.
  • 3D design of robotic tooling for nuclear decommissioning project in Sellafield, UK.
  • 2D drawing for manufacturing in SolidWorks.
  • Improvement of mechanical design of a haptic master for stroke rehabilitation.

June 2011-June 2014

Research Engineer, Oxford Technologies Ltd, Abingdon, United Kingdom & Doctoral Research on department of Robots & Intelligent Machines, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

Under a Marie Curie European fellowship scheme, I participated in the PURESAFE research project, which involved 8 European well-known research partners such as CERN and GSI. My research was focused on sensorless force feedback for teleoperation of industrial robots in nuclear facilities.

  • Data Acquisition and control of robotic sensors with LabView.
  • Developing a haptic master interface in C code.
  • Numerous robotic algorithms, identification, control, simulation in Matlab & Simulink.
  • I strongly developed my research and experimentation competences, becoming familiar with force sensing technologies, haptic devices, robotics, dynamic modelling, model identification, state observers, etc.

November 2012-December 2012

Invited Researcher at CERN, Large Scale Metrology Department, Geneva, Switzerland.

I carried out a study in order to use modular robots teleoperated by means of a Phantom OMNI haptic master to perform metrology tasks into the LHC.

April 2010-May 2011

Control Engineer. SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas S.A., Madrid, Spain.

Simulation and control systems. I worked on the control system of the first thermo-solar plant in the world based on central tower (Gemasolar project), defining the control architecture, logic diagrams, and applying the philosophy of a DCS control system. I have also participated in the design of experiments and development of a cleaning robot. Mastering tools such as Matlab and Simulink

February 2010-April 2010

Components Engineer, CRISA-EADS, Madrid, Spain.

Selection of electronic components for the aerospace industry. Updating components database.

November 2008-July 2009

Researcher of the Robotics and Cybernetics department. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

Working in a European defence project with major European partners. Developing mapping and algorithms, and SLAM methods for robots. Some of them were based on vision algorithms such as SIFT. I became familiar with numerical computation and calculus software tools like Matlab.

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