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Established solutions to the overvoltage produced by the reflections 

In order to protect drives, cables and motors from the overvoltage caused by reflections the obvious solution is to reduce the bus voltage [1] with respect to the cable insulation rating. Even with 100% overshoot in voltage, an IGBT drive with 300Vdc bus

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Standing waves in PWM motor drives and their effect on the actuator control.

The inverter of the PWM drives does not produce sinusoidal output voltage waveforms; instead, it generates a continuous train of pulses which are transmitted to the motor terminals via the motor cable. Peak pulse voltage atthe drive outputis equalto the

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Wheeled Robot With Soft Rotary Motors Is 100% Squishy

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The rise of soft robots and the actuators that drive them

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Tesla Autopilot Crash: Why We Should Worry About a Single Death – IEEE Spectrum

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One of the smallest robots in the world from HoneyBee robotics.

HoneyBee pipe inspection robot

Robots for In-pipe inspection are a thriving research topic in the industry and the robotics community. There is a growing interest in developing new solution for inspecting pipes in nuclear reactor, fusion machines, particle accelerators, etc. Most of the COTS

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The use of videoscopes for In-Pipe inspection

Olympus videoscope.

 The most common commercial solutions to inspect through holes, narrow gaps or pipes are the videoscopes. There are multiple types depending on the field of application or the underlying technology. Endoscope is a medical apparatus referred commonly to the inspection

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