Best blogs and podcasts to stay tuned on the Robotics Industry

Hi, I would like to come back to my blog by commenting on very useful resources for the roboticist.

  • IEEE Spectrum: .The first one on the list. The IEEE is the world largest technical professional organization. They organise conferences, publish standards, and serve as a repository for an enormous amount of technical papers. Normally, when a researcher or just a curious person tries to access the papers in its brother website (, they need to either pay a monthly/annual fee, or one-off payment to access the information. If the need is for professional use, your research centre or company should cover the expenses of the consultation or subscription. However, the IEEE Spectrum website can be enjoyed for free and it contains probably the best summary of new discoveries, advances and new trends in robotics and related industries. It is however, biased towards the American research.
  • Robohub: .Robohub is a non-profit organisation that as its name says, it is a hub for sharing stories, news, research, articles and interviews about robotics. It brings together experts in robotics to make sure the contents meet the highest editorial standards. They claim that their information is original and does not appear anywhere else. It is a good source of educational resources. It also has a very good podcast at:
  • org: The Robotic Industries Association posts daily news, case studies, technical papers, job openings and much more. It has a very good section about news in emerging markets and industry standards (
  • Robotics Business Review: The Robotics Business Review claims to be “The Largest, Most Comprehensive Online Robotics News and Information Resource“. It regularly posts about all aspects of the business of robotics. However, most of its posts are only short abstracts and you must pay a yearly membership fee to access the complete article (
  • The Robot Report: The Robot Report is written by roboticist, Frank Tobe, cofounder of Robo-Stox, a tracking index for the robotics industry, now RoboGlobal. Through the blog he aims to follow the business of robotics and regularly reports on developments from all areas of the robotics industry.(
  • Machine Design: ( The technical quality of this blog / website is impressive. They provide a general knowledge of different fields in robotics, automation and engineering. It is a good source of technical articles and also news about the industry. If anyone is looking to explore more in-depth the technical issues behind robotics this is the place to go.

For the people interested in attending to conferences, workshops or looking for jobs in the robotics industry, there are two mail lists where every event is published. These are:⅞

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