Main telerobotic platforms

In the following tables I list some of the main remote handling devices used in the industry and research. Table 1 shows some of the most important remote handling master arms such as Dexter manufactured by Oxford Technologies Ltd. and Telerob. The reader should keep in mind that this data is from 2015 and these technologies could get outdated quickly.


Master-Slave Manipulator A100 Telerob (Wälischmiller)

Master-Slave Manipulator A100 Telerob (Wälischmiller)

Master-Slave Manipulator A100 Telerob (Wälischmiller)

Master-Slave Manipulator A100 Telerob (Wälischmiller)


Dexter Manipulator manufactured by Oxford Technologies Ltd.

Reference Supplier Product/Solution
1 Telerob (Wälischmiller) EMSM-2B Master Arm
2 CARRS (Wälischmiller) TELBOT Master Arm
3 Haption Virtuose 6D40-40
4 Cybernétix Master arm
5 Cybernétix MA23M master
6 Oxford Technologies Dexter

Table 1. Remote handling master arms.

Reference Supplier Product/Solution
7 Haption Virtuose 6D35-45
8 FCS Moog HapticMaster
9 Sensable PHANTOM Premium 3.0/6DoF
10 Force Dimension sigma.7
11 Force Dimension delta.6
12 Novint Falcon
13 MPB Technologies Freedom 7S
14 Quanser 5 DoF Haptic Wand
15 Mimic Technologies Mantris
16 Butterfly Haptics Maglev 200

Table 2. Haptic interfaces

Reference Supplier Product/Solution
17 Barrett WAM 7DoF
18 KUKA Lightweight robot 4+
19 Haption Inca6D

Table 3. Research devices.

Reference Supplier Product/Solution
20 Schilling Master Controller
21 Perry Slingsby Systems Master Controller
22 International Submarine Engineering Master Controller
23 Kraft Master Controller

Table 4. Subsea manipulator controllers.

Reference Supplier Product/Solution
24 Spaceapplications SAM: Sensoric Arm Master Exoskeleton
25 Haption Able

Table 5. Exoskeletons.

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